Video Production

Using their experience with still photography as a jumping off point, students familiarize themselves with video field production equipment including HD Video Cameras, Microphones and Lights. Next they edit their individual projects. First projects are edited on iMovie. Final projects such as the AAYA Awards are edited on a profesional broadcast Avid Editing System.

The Jokes

Our first project is simply to tell a joke, and capture it successfully on video. Many of these efforts are nominees for the AMMP "Lame Sauce Awards".

Watch the jokes:

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The Rants

Next we write 1 or 2 minute video essays in the style of "Rick Mercer". Small student production crews work together to create these clips.

Watch the rants:

Watch this year's rant:


In our aniamtion workshop students developed 8 short story sequences, then worked co-operatively to link them all together as a single loop of action. we call the project AMMP Ayinanew (Eye-nye-nayo) or AMMP Eight. Each student created their own cley actors called armatures & then directed their activities on 8 miniature sets. By video tapping the action one frame at a time, characters were made to move and interact. The process took over 600 hours of student work to create this 10 minute piece.


In the animation workshop our students developed an alternate story line for the Susan Aglukark / Chad Irschick song O Siem. They created clay actors called armatures and directed their actions on six different miniature sets. By photographing the action one frame at a time, the actors were made to move. The process took over 250 hours of student work to create this 5 minute piece.

Community Projects

Each year our class divides into 2 or 3 production teams in order to help a community agency realize it’s dreams of having a usefull "Point of Contact" Video or DVD. This year our teams made two agency DVD’s.

The Circle of Courage
Edmonton Native Basketball Association.

See You on the Job Site
Tradewinds to Success Training Society.

Alberta Aboriginal Youth Achievement Awards

The Alberta Aboriginal Youth Achievement Awards are held in Edmonton, in the spring of each year. Traditionally our AMMP students have been invited to make short video vignettes to profile the achievements of each AAYA Award Winner. Over a 12 to 15 day period, our students travel thousands of kilometers and shoot hours of video tape in order to make these short vignettes. The whole process culminates with a gala awards night where the vignettes are featured as part of the honors bestowed on each youth. We hope you enjoy them.

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