Still photography is the anchor stone of our program. Students learn the rudiments of framing, focusing, depth of field, and lighting as well as the operation of photomechanical and digital cameras. We rely heavily on Adobe Photoshop for the manipulation and re-interpretation of the still images, which are used throughout other program elements.

These are some of the images taken by our students over the last 4 years.

Architectural Photography

Students spent several days in the field shooting architectural structures. They focus on capturing the essence of a building, by documenting its unique structure and detail.

Object Study Photography

In an "Object Study" students explore a single visual subject from a variety of angles and perspectives. These are some of the images they have created.

Multiple Exposures

These photographs are all taken in-camera. Students created these multi-layered images by exposing each frame numerous times.

Time Lapse Photography

The following photographs are the result of five hours of hard work and patience, outside on the coldest night of the year. It takes students up to 15 minutes to set up and shoot each frame.

Portraiture Photography

One of the most exciting aspects of the still photography unit is Portraiture. We have a small studio in which our students develop their skills in flash photography.

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