Cultural Activities

Our program always begins with a week of personal development and group work, which is structured around the cultural teachings of our ancestors. This culminates with a sweat lodge ceremony at a location 40 miles outside the city. Our cultural teachers are life partners Willy Blake and Carola Cunningham.

A Focus on Cultural Activites

Every year we create a number of projects which utilize multi-media to record and present various cultural activites. In the past we have set up our traditional tipi or made traditional drums, then recorded the events on a variety of media in order to make power point, video or web presentations about the experience. This year we are planning to nap traditional stone points.

The Drum Gallery

The Tipi Gallery

A Day at the Lodge

Community Projects

Part of our mandate involves building capacity in the community and leadership in our students. One of the ways we do this is by looking for project partnerships with other community based Aboriginal agencies in Edmonton.

Over the years our student lead production teams have completed media arts projects for:

  • Aboriginal Youth & Family Well-Being & Education Society
  • Amiskwaciy Academy (A Balanced Lifestyle for Today)
  • Ben Calf Robe Society (Youth Intervention Program)
  • Edmonton Native Basketball Association (The Circle of Courage)
  • Edmonton Catholic Schools (Braided Journeys)
  • Edmonton Métis Cultural Dance Society
  • Edmonton Native Healing Centre (Striving for Excellence)
  • Indigenous Sports Council of Alberta (Identity Package)
  • Métis Child & Family Services (Choices of Partnership)
  • Métis Nation of Alberta (AAYAA)
  • Native Seniors Centre (Uniting Youth to Elders)
  • Nechi (Two Spirits Two)
  • Negan Tapah (Inner City High)
  • Sun and Moon Visionaries
  • Tradewinds to Success Soceity (See you on the Job Site)
  • University of Alberta (Sage & Wapahtihew)
  • White Buffalo Drummers & Dancers Society